Saturday, January 15, 2011

the journey's end...

Three days ago, an uncle of mine passed away. He finally lost his battle with the big C. During the last few months of his life, I wasn't able to visit him, eventhough we lived in the same compound. I was a coward. I couldn't bear to see him with his body slowly deteriorating. I would just peek outside from his house, and I could see that he was really getting thinner to the bones. We were not that close, but nevertheless, I have much respect for him, same with all my other aunts and uncles.

That early morning when he died, all of us, his relatives in the compound, were there waiting for the service of Loyola to pick him up. We were outside his house, and I saw my cousin, my uncle's youngest son, crying beside his lifeless body. I couldn't help but cry, too, feeling sorry for my cousin and remembering all those memories my uncle left us. A vivid memory that I had of him was that he was very fond of my daughter Maggie.

We all know that our lives on this earth is just a journey. And soon, it will end. When? Only God knows. Death is an inevitable event. But it still hurts even if we're prepared for it. For us who were left behind by our loved ones who passed away, I guess, it's all about acceptance. Yes, we hurt, we grieved, but in the end, we really need to move on and continue our own journey. With a goal that we would be able to leave a good legacy behind.

To my uncle, may you rest in peace and be happier with the companion of Our Creator and Savior...

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